I lived in Austria in the late 90’s for two years. That was a very special time in my life. Austria is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever visited.  The official language is of Austria is German. The country is pretty small, compare to U.S. to get an idea, state of Texas is about eight times bigger than Austria.  The country became popular in the United States, though movies like “The Sound of Music” and characters such as Mozart and ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I specially love visiting Austria in the winter, as the small tucked away villages combined with lots of snow and oaks forests seem right out of fairy tale stories.  Here are some of the places that I recommend to visit.

Vienna: The capital of Austria

vienna,Austria Vienna-Austria2

St. Stephan Cathedral known as Stephan Plaztz in German.

stephanplatz stephanplatz interior

Graz: Second largest city in Austria

Graz, city center

Linz: Third largest city


Salzburg: home town of Mozart.





The Alps: 

austria_alpine_winter_horse_01 eisstockschiessen-grossarl3


3 thoughts on “Austria

  1. Europe is definitely the place to visit. Every country offers great sights, beautiful architecture, and diverse culture. It’s a good thing that you have the experience in living in different countries. I gives you a rich perspective on life and people. Each nation carries its own mentality and outlook on life and that only comes with experience. Traveling the world is a good idea. I think every person should at least do some travel before they decide what to do with their life. Nothing reveals your true self like situation and places that take you out of you comfort zone. Thanks for the photos, like I said, the architecture is astonishing!

  2. Europe is an amazing place to get ideas when it comes to fashion and house designs. Unfortunately, we are very isolated from the influx of European styles and have very boring styles. Colors and styles are too generic and not appealing. Quality is also better because consumers are more conservative and want things to last. We have a different approach. We want things to look good for some time but quality is not that important.

    However, i think the companies have learned to be more flexible. I see more colors these days and some improvement in quality. However, conservative approach of population to quality is still not there. Unfortunately price is a huge factor because it is hard to resist a cheap merchandise that looks good

  3. You posted some pretty amazing pictures. I think its great that you traveled so much. Traveling around would make me learn so many different languages and learning their culture. It would also make me open just so I wont be in my comfort zone and be forced to interact with different people.

    I have always wanted to travel around Europe because there is so much history. I have been to Spain and just walking down the streets and seeing all the old buildings you can see the history and knowing that there have been thousands of years history is exciting.

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