My name is Vaheh Geragosian. I am a student in LAVC. Spring on 2013 would be my last semester at LAVC and in fall I will be attending CSUN where I will focus my education in the field on Accounting. I am originally Armenian and even though I’ve lived in many different countries in my life, I can honestly say that United States is the only place that I truly feel at home. My favorite things in life is to play/watch soccer, camping and traveling. My dream is to one day be able to take trip across the world. During my stay in Austria, I met a gentleman who had traveled the world on a bicycle and the stories that he told me were incredible.


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  1. Your education status is pretty much the same as mine. This is also my last semester and I will transfer to CSUN this Fall as well. I am also going to major in Accounting, so i guess maybe you will be colleague or my competition:) Nevertheless i wish you success on your path. I have also been to many places in the world and I also feel more at home in the United States. I still want to keep traveling the world and learning more about people and their cultures. When I was deployed to Afghanistan a met a guy named Khan. We talked for hours about his country and about the people there and their culture. I thought Khan was a lot older than me because he sounded so wise and mature. Then I came to find out he was only one year older than me. He talked a lot about a book called “Ghost Wars” and how I should read it to get a better understanding of what was going on in the middle east.

    I want to travel for the same reasons people want to do it. To see historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes and beaches. Most importantly i want to travel to learn about people and how they see the world and how they live their lives. We are all so different and what might be important to Americans might be insignificant to Argentinians. I am just so curious to see how everyone else lives. I am aiming for a job with a large company that will give me the opportunities to travel for work around the world, but if i cant i will do it out of my pocket:)

  2. The United States is indeed a great country to live in. I don’t think I’ll ever move out of it. I do agree that traveling is a fun hobby though. I want to one day travel around the world as well so i can see how life is on the other side of the globe. If costs weren’t an issue, I’d visit a different country every month.

    From your description, it looks like you have traveled to several parts of the world. How lucky for you. Maybe one day you should attempt to follow the footsteps of the guy you met and travel the world on a bicycle as well.

  3. My major is also accounting. I can’t wait for the time when I transfer, even though I enjoy studding at Valley College. I met so many wonderful people and great professors here. Dr. Green is one of my favorite so far. She gave me a lot of knowledge for this semester. Dr. Green is very gifted and talented. For sure I will have the best memories from our Business 32 class. I hope you also enjoyed this class too, Vaheh.
    I’m originally Russian, but I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, and lived in Russia for some time, but I can truly call USA my home. I did not travel a whole lot. I’ve been to Turkey once and to some different states in America, but I would love to travel in the future. I have a lot of relatives in Germany, whom I have never met. I have some relatives in France, Canada and friends in Italy, maybe one day soon I will go visit them.
    Well, to travel the world on a bicycle is a quite the challenge and is really dangerous now days. Be careful on those slopes!

  4. I think that it is cool that you are in your last semester at LAVC. I know that you are super excited to transfer to CSUN, I will definitely think about you when I need an accountant for my business. I also have dreams of traveling the world. What is the point of living in a world that you never get to see? I think that you are on the right path to success and I wish you all the best. Hopefully you do get to travel and you maintain this blog so I can see the pictures and live vicariously until I can make my own journey.

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